Our Story

How it all started...

Since I was a teenager, the dream was always in my heart to pioneer a church that would bring hope, healing, and blessing to a region.  

While I was in Seminary and serving as an Associate Pastor in Orange County, I had an unexpected vision about a spiritual awakening coming to the South Bay of Los Angeles.
It impacted me deeply.

In 2013, a few friends joined our launch team and we had our first service on May 5th in a little office space in North Torrance. The church began to grow quickly.  

We have been witnessing the Spirit of God working profoundly in and through our church family.  

I am in awe of Him.

Daniel Park
Lead Pastor, Jesus Center

Our Values

1. We value the Presence of God and  Spirit-led gatherings.
2. We value the Scriptures being taught clearly.
3. We value being relational and enjoying one another.
4. We value serving beyond the walls of the church.
5. We value the macro and micro expressions of church.
6. We value diversity as a multi-ethnic,  multi-generational church.
7. We value pouring into the young generation.
8. We are a house of prayer.


We have been in a special move of God since early 2023 as we experienced the renewal of the Holy Spirit.

We began to outgrow our church building in Torrance.
We searched and prayed for a larger boat.

In early 2024, we signed a leased for the 25,000 square foot Temple Menorah in Redondo Beach in order to make room for revival.

Our Torrance location is still being used to house our prayer meetings and youth gatherings. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together in Redondo Beach at 10 am.