Discipleship class

Fall Discipleship Class


Note and Prayer from Daniel:

I am praying that we will grow in our understanding of and friendship with the beautiful Spirit of God.
We will never master Holy Spirit. However, we can continue to more consciously pursue Him and grow in our sensitivity to and awareness of Him.

If this is something you are hungry for, come join us for our Fall Discipleship class.
We will provide helpful notes as we dive into Scripture and revival history.
Let's yield to the leadership of the Holy Spirit like never before!

We welcome You, Holy Spirit, to take the reins of our church and our lives.
In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

Topics include:
- Who is the Holy Spirit?
- How can we be filled with the Holy Spirit?
- How can we be led by the Spirit?
- Sensitivity to the Spirit.
- What are the gifts (charisms) of the Spirit?
- Holy Spirit and deliverance.
- Various types of tongues.
And more...

Wednesdays from Sept 20th - Nov 15th
(9 sessions)

10 am (Zoom only) + 7 pm (In-Person and Livestream only)

Zoom (am) + Torrance (pm) + YouTube Channel (pm)


1. Will I be able to move from zoom/livestream to in-person?  

2.  I may have to skip a class, should I still join?
Each session will be a powerful encounter and although it is best to not miss a session, each session can stand on it’s own.

3. Will this class be recorded?
This class will be live-streamed with archives available on our YouTube channel.

4. Do I need to register?
It would help us to plan better!
We will be sending you beautifully designed class notes and important class updates.

5.  I don’t attend Jesus Center, can I still join? 
 Of course!
We would love to have you.
Our classes have always had participants from all over.
Can't wait to meet you!

6.  Who will be teaching the course?
Pastor Daniel, Ken Fish, and  some more amazing friends.

7.  Is there a cost?
Just your time.

8. How long is each class?
The AM class will be 60 minutes.
The PM class will be 80 minutes because we will have corporate worship beforehand.

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Let us know if you can join the class!