Jesus in the Song of Songs 
(January 17th- March 28th)

Hi Church Family,

For the first quarter of 2023 we will be doing a study called JESUS IN THE SONG OF SONGS.
We will be diving into this mysterious, yet marvelous book of the Bible and freshly discover Jesus' heart for His bride (the church).

The goals of studying the Song of Songs:
1. To experience the affections of Jesus for us.
2. To grow our affections for Jesus.
3. To stir a greater desire to experientially know Jesus.
4. To better understand the process of spiritual maturity (the role of grace and obedience).
5. To develop a spirituality that is marked by delight (rather than duty and discipline.).

Start Date: Jan. 17th.
Day and Time: Tuesdays from 7:15 pm - 8 pm
Where? Online.

Cost: Free.

Excited to unlock this book together!

Pastor Daniel Park

Questions that were raised:

1. If I have to miss a class, how can I make it up? 
We will send a video of the class you missed upon request.
Email us at

2.  Will this only be on zoom? 
It will be livestreamed as well.
 However it won’t be on our Jesus Center YouTube Page.
So please register to get the link to the livestream sent to your inbox.

3. What will a typical night look like?
The zoom room will open at 7 pm for those who want to fellowship.
We will start with a time of prayer from 7:15 to prepare our hearts.
The teaching will end by 8 pm.
The zoom room will close at 8:15 pm.

4. How can I prepare for the class?
You can prepare by having your Bible and a notebook.